Counselling for Teens

South Island Counselling sees clients age 16 and up. Our therapists are experienced and highly trained registered clinical counsellors, and are experts in working through family therapy, educational programs, personal parenting, training with play, art and family systems therapy.

Using talk therapy, play, art media, storytelling, and role play,  teens are encouraged to explore individual, school, or family challenges that may be affecting their well-being. Some of the issues that can be addressed include: anxiety, depression, mood disorders, coping with bullying (as victim or perpetrator), separation/divorce, grief and loss, stress management, self-image challenges, maintaining healthy peer relationships, surviving academic pressures, coping with family transitions.


We estimate that out of the 100 teens who have received counselling at the centre, an additional 500 individuals (family, friends, extended family, peers, teachers) were positively impacted in the community by the mental health support we provided to these young clients.