Individual Counselling

Clients come to SICCT for a wide variety of reasons. Our professional counsellors help those of all ages deal with challenges relating to anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, family stress, addiction, trauma, emotional regulation, and conflict.  Interventions used during talk therapy sessions may include but not be limited to, inner child work, exploring family systems, EMDR, CBT, DBT, trauma-informed somatic practices, and bereavement support.   We offer an initial round of 12 sessions  with the option of applying for additional appointments as needed. Our affordable rates ensure that no one is excluded from receiving mental health care. There is a subsidy application on our website for those unable to pay our minimum of $50/hour. Fees are calculated based on .1% of household income  and tax forms may be required in order to ensure the rate is fair. When you complete the online counselling request form it goes to our Clinical Director who will assign you to the counsellor best-suited for your needs and let you know that your information has been received. You may then be put on a counsellor’s waitlist which can vary in length from one to 6 months.  When your assigned counsellor has contacted you, a welcome email will be sent to you from our Jane scheduling app which will guide you through the completion of demographic and consent forms.