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Membership awakens new possibilities, allows us to plan ahead, to respond quickly to increases in demand, and to strengthen the foundation upon which all our services are based. With your membership we can continue to provide affordable, professional mental health counselling to those in need in Greater Victoria. 

South Island Counselling's roots go deep. Since 1975, we have helped to heal tens of thousands of people in our community who were in need of mental health counselling services. In the past five years alone, we have more than doubled our capacity to provide professional, affordable mental health counselling to those in need. Nurtured by a core group of steadfast supporters, we have grown to become a vital mental health resource in Victoria.


For a $25 fee, you get a 10 % discount on  training courses and an invitation to our annual general meeting, where you too can have a voice.

Your donation can help an individual or family seek counselling at an affordable rate.

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