All subsidy applications are subject to approval. South Island Counselling reserves the right to make a selection of the candidates to our subsidy in order to keep affordable rates for everyone. We encourage clients to explore other funding sources such as individual sponsors, employers, lawyers, ICBC, CVAP, and other organizations including churches.

Our non-subsidized rates start at $50 per hour. If you make under $45,000 and cannot afford the minimum than you may qualify for our subsidized rates.

To apply, fill out our Online Subsidy Application Form here.

Your application will be processed in a maximum period of 7 business days once it has been received and you will be placed on waitlist for a counselling appointment. Wait times vary due to number of applicants and funding being in place.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding application procedures, please contact us at

+1 250 472 2851 or