Counselling Services
Types of Counselling

South Island Counselling offers professional and helpful counselling services for a variety of concerns and issues and we can assist you in-person, virtually or by telephone anywhere in British Columbia.   All clients with diverse backgrounds and needs are welcome at our Centre as we help you reach your goals through exploration, asking thoughtful questions, skills development, education and the use of many therapeutic skills and strategies.
We offer services in areas such as

family conflict
low self-esteem
marital conflict
sexual, emotional, or physical abuse
grief and loss
parent-child problem
relationship issues
spiritual concerns
and others.

How it works
  1. Go to Intake Process and fill out the in-take form or the subsidy application*.

  2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your intake/application. Please keep in mind, there can be a waitlist time from 1-4 months.

  3. Once you are assigned to a counsellor, he/she will connect with you via phone or email to let you know when your first appointment will take place.

    * Subsidy applications require proof of income. Please email your last             year's tax return to after the form             has been filled out. 


​South Island Counselling works directly with JaneApp, which is a cloud-based booking platform that allows scheduling, billing and record keeping in a safe way. 

About JaneApp

You can pay using Credit Card and Debit Card through Jane App.

Once logged in, you can navigate to the Credit Cards on File area, followed by the Add New Card button. Click the Add New Card button to provide your credit card information. You’ll need to provide - Credit card number - Expiration date - CVC number - Address associated with the credit card. When you’re all done, click Save Credit Card. This card can then be charged by the counsellor before or after an online or in-person treatment. Jane uses PCI-compliant credit card processors to store sensitive credit card data. Read more about how Jane keeps your data safe.