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Learn about our Subsidy 

Why is a subsidy program important?

By offering affordable counselling we give all individuals in society an equal chance at changing their lives for the better. If people have the ability to increase their mental well being, they are more productive, have better relationships with family and friends, have greater self-esteem and can see their true potential in life. This positive change has a domino effect on the people around them and in turn creates a healthy, vibrant and inclusive society.

At South Island Counselling, we are passionate about affordable counselling and have set up our subsidy program to help cover up to 80% of the cost of counselling. Those who do not have benefits to cover the cost of counselling and those who have a gross income of less than $50,000 per year qualify for fee subsidies. We also rely on the generosity of donors, sponsors, and grantors to run programs that help low-income adults, families, and couples, find hope and recovery.


By paying $130 per session, you are automatically contributing to our Subsidy Program. As a non-profit charity, we take any extra revenue above what it costs to run our organization and put it back into the community by continuing our low-cost counselling. This means you are giving back to your community while receiving therapy with us. We are grateful to all our clients who pay the full rate for a therapist as this allows us to continue our mission. If you would like to donate to this important cause, please use this link here.

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