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Our Partners & Funders

Thank you to our all our grantors and partners for their supportive funding. With their continued support, our specialized workshops, programs and educational initiatives are made available to individuals throughout Southern Vancouver Island each and every year. Investing in our communities is an investment into the future of a healthier, more resilient community and the breadth and depth of our relationships to our grantors is critical to our success and ability to innovate. Our organization is truly a community which will continue to have a profound impact in the years ahead.


Interested in becoming a funder?

You can help us with our mission and vision which is to give all individuals in society an equal chance at changing their lives for the better. This positive change has a domino effect on the people around them and in turn creates a healthy, vibrant and inclusive society. Contact us today at to make a difference.

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Our current subsidized programs:

Creating the Space to Serve

This program provides 50 clients age 18 to 29 with a clinical counsellor to help with their mental health challenges. Clients will receive 12 subsidized sessions and will  focus on providing tools and strategies. Additional furniture pieces will be purchased as well to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere for counselling.

50 clients will be supported until the end of September 2022.

Funded by The Catholic Foundation

Anxiety Counselling for Teens and Young Adults

This program offers subsidized counselling sessions for clients with anxiety symptoms for ages 16 to 25. We estimate 200+ clients will be supported in 2022.

Funded by PECSF (Provincial Employees Community Service Fund), BC Community Gaming, The Quail Rock Foundation

Bridging the Gap to Affordable Mental Health Care

This program reduces the record number of community members who are waiting to receive professional and affordable counselling. We estimate 600+ clients will be supported in 2022 and 2023.

Funded by First West Foundation, BC Community Gaming, The Quail Rock Foundation


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